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In the summer of 1977 a Bible study on scriptural baptism was held. As a result of this study, there was a strong interest in starting a new church which held to Reformed doctrine and believer baptism. The first services were held in September of 1977. Eight adults and six children made up the body of the Reformed Baptist Church of Kalamazoo.

We first met in the YMCA on Maple Street. In 1979 property was purchased on Oakland Drive. This property was later sold and the money was used to buy a building on Nichols Road. The Lord caused us to grow in grace and in number for the next 42 years. On August 1, 2021, we held our first service in our current church building at 454 S. Drake Rd. By God’s grace, our mission is unchanged.

We are so grateful for the godly leadership we have had throughout the years. Tom Koning, Lyle Raven, and Richard Kensinger all taught and served us faithfully as pastors. God has also seen fit, in His good providence, to cause us to grow and be used to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ in this area and beyond. We look forward to serving him for many years to come.